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Photo Plaques for Headstones, Tombstones and Markers

Laser Engraved Photo Plaques

Included with each order is photo optimization.  We will electronically adjust your pictures to achieve the best results for the laser engraving process.  We use the latest software to remove dust & scratch marks and make the proper adjustments for brightness and contrast.  Your image will be adjusted to properly fit the size of memorial photo plaque you select.  Background removal is available at an extra charge.  Feel free to submit your photo to us for a free evaluation.  Use our contact page or email us with your questions or comments.
Would you like to add a Headstone Photo Plaque to your loved one's memorial marker?
Memorial Plaques for headstones are made with a high definition laser engraving process.  We use a  Super Black Granite which produces a wonderful contrast when laser engraved.  Our granite memorials are available in three different sizes.   We also offer  custom cut sizes.  Call or email for custom size pricing.
Headstone Photo Plaques make a wonderful addition to your loved one's headstone or tombstone marker.  We can laser engrave a photo of your loved one onto a black granite plaque. The photo plaque can  simply be attached to a headstone within minutes without the use of tools or messy glues.  Our headstone plaques come with a special high-strength outdoor tape that securely attaches the memorial plaque to the headstone. The laser engraved photo is permanent and weatherproof.  Each Photo Plaque comes with an alignment template, cleaning pad for the headstone and the mounting tape.  Simple and easy installation.
Download actual size templates to make sure the Headstone Photo Plaque will fit the headstone.
Simple Installation Instructions.
-Position the alignment template onto the headstone where you want to install the plaque.
-Use the supplied cleaning pad to clean the headstone marker inside the area of the alignment template.
-Remove the backing from the high strength mounting tape on back of the plaque.
-Position the headstone plaque onto the headstone using the alignment template as a guide.
-Press the photo plaque firmly the headstone to make sure to have a good contact with the mounting tape

No tools or messy glues required.  Everything is included.
Background Removal is the process of removing the background from around the subject in the photo.
Without Background Removal
With Background Removal
8 1/2" x 11" Headstone Photo Plaque shown with laser engraved photo.
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Headstone plaques can be installed in a matter of minutes without the use of any tools, everything you need for installation is included.

The results are remarkable and this plaque adds a special touch to the final resting place of your departed loved one.
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Additional Options
5" x 7" Headstone Photo Plaque
We Can Help
Installation is a simple 1-2 minute process and the results are remarkable.  Your family can enjoy the results for generations to come. 
5" x 7" Headstone Photo Plaque shown with laser engraved photo.
7" x 8 1/2" Headstone Photo Plaque shown with laser engraved photo.
5" x 7" Headstone Photo Plaque
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7" x 8 1/2" Headstone Photo Plaque
8 1/2" x 11" Headstone Photo Plaque
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